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An OLM2-switch monitor is a small measure and data acquisition unit designed for use in switchgear environments. It is adapted to be mounted and connected in the cabinet of the host object. All communication with the world around is done through an electrical bus.


Your advantages:


You are informed about the condition of your circuit breakers at anytime and anywhere.

You get a small device, easy to fit.

You get the complete OLM2 hardware, no extra modules needed, only chose external sensors.

You will have free updates of new improvements of the software.

You save time and money through optimization of the maintenance intervals.

You get an SF6 level detection, possible leak is indicated and a “last date to refill” is calculated.

You get a well tested system, today over 2000 installations in many different locations and tough environments, such as for instead in South America, Canada, Australia, China, and many more places....

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